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Action Planning Template

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Resources for Planning an Action

Other Resources

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what are we trying to accomplish – concrete, tangible, winnable. What does victory look like? What do you want the headline to read the next day?


who has the power to decide? Who are we trying to impact/move, what is strategic reason for it/them. If there are multiple sites, which is best suited for an action?

Messaging & Demands

what do we want our target to do, what do we want them to know.
Are there other audiences besides the target?


who is delivering our message? An impacted person or community leader working on a particular issue is always more powerful and credible than a talking head spokesperson. Is there a process for getting feedback/response from target?


how many people do we need? What are our turnout goals? Who will we reach out to—people, groups etc? What are the recruitment plan, rap, commitment, reminder and follow-up plan? I use a 50% rule…that is what I expect will turn out based on the commitments. So if 100 people say yes, expect 50!


what will happen, what does it look like? What are the beginning, middle and end? How will message/ story be told – visuals, words, props, and signs?

The following are the areas of work needed to implement the vision and plan above

For Civil Disobedience/Direct Action

Logistics – vary depending on event

Things to look for when mapping a city

Some things to look for when scouting buildings:

Other suggestions for mapping and scouting:

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