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Strategy & Campaigns


Strategy is your plan to win. Strategy is choosing the ground on which to engage the enemy

Strategy means:
In Ancient Greece…
Strategos = General
Tacticas = Foot Soldiers

Strategic campaigns are an important part of building a movement. They focus our energy on the forces that need to be changed, and can often result in some victory (big or small) or mitigation of damage. These efforts require participation and creativity. As we build power through campaigns, we model what can happen when we work together inspiring others and igniting imaginations that feed more and more organizing. The momentum of success attracts people who in general want to be aligned with those they believe have power. When we organize campaigns we build momentum and power.

Over the generations, people power movements have effectively used the concept of “Pillars of Support” to understand the institutions/forces that prop up unjust systems/power structures. From a strategic point of view, if you can erode or remove those pillars, those unjust rulers/state will not be able to continue. People Power understands that power is a fragile relationship that depends on the compliance of the people.   Thus we have the power to alter that relationship  at any time. The art of this process is to pull support away from the pillar, which means persuading those people inside that institution/pillar to leave, stop or change their behavior.  This means looking for strategies of mass noncooperation, corporate campaigns, creative direct action and community organizing.

A few key elements that can make a People Powered strategy succeed:

Key Elements Of Strategic Organizing

Strategic Planning Methodologies

Developing a Plan

Once you understand your opponent’s world you can more effectively begin developing a plan. To begin with, zero in on who has the power to decide. You want to focus on them or the institution they represent, focusing on the behavior, policy, etc, but not the person. Over time, however, if things are not shifting you can then escalate more personally. If one chooses to go after the person, possibilities for settlement may be more difficult. The high road is often a good choice, but if over time they do not change, escalation toward a period of compression and crisis is critical.

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